People have been discussing a vaccine passport for a while now.  Who actually started this discussion I do not know for sure.  I know many people on the left (Democrats) have been discussing this in great detail and some have been calling for it.

In fact, the University of Michigan and other colleges in Michigan and around the country are telling their students they will be required to be vaccinated if they want to live on campus this upcoming semester.  How will they be able to tell who has been fully vaccinated and who has not?  By requiring students to prove they are fully vaccinated.  How will the students do that, by some sort of documentation?  

Yesterday the Michigan House Oversight Committee approved an updated version of a bill that would:

  • prohibiting any governmental entity from producing or distributing a vaccine passport
  • will forbid any governmental entity from fining someone for not getting a COVID-19 vaccine
  • Create a new definition of what constitutes a vaccine passport and removed language that they believed could have resulted in $1,000 fines for people who had CDC immunization cards given out by the people who administer the vaccine to the recipient.

Committee Chairman Steven Johnson, R-Wayland said that the new definition is:

"COVID-19 vaccination passport means a document or system created or used for the primary purpose of diminishing or enlarging an individual’s civil and political rights, privileges and capacities based on the individual’s COVID-19 vaccination status”

Michigan’s House Oversight Committee voted 6-3 to approve their version of the bill.  Not long after that, the full Senate voted 20-15 to change their proposed budget for Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) to add language that will ban public funding for vaccine passports.  

A Whitmer spokesman, Bobby Leddy, said last week:

"The state has been very clear that they’re not currently exploring a vaccine passport concept”

We hear from Whitmer’s spokespeople that she is not considering instituting vaccine passports or any form of a vaccine mandate.  I tried yesterday to find a direct quote or video of Whitmer herself saying that she is against them and I could not.

Does any critical thinking person believe she would not attempt to mandate vaccine passports if Biden told her to?

Whitmer has proven that she has difficulty with the truth.  As a recent Detroit News editorial stated:

“as well as the governor's apparent comfort with saying things that later prove not to be true”

I will leave it at that.

Interesting to note that the 15 State Senators who voted against this bill, telegraphed to all of us that they are not for blocking vaccine passports, were all Democrats.

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