I was contacted by a listener concerning a rally tomorrow at Michigan's state Capitol.  The rally is called:

Michigan United Republicans, Democrats, and Independents Against Vaccine Passports

The rally will be held tomorrow (Thursday, April 29th) at 9 AM at the Michigan State Capitol and is sponsored by Cindi Holland and MYuh Hahn.

Everyone is encouraged to attend.  Michigan Representative Sue Allor introduced House Bill 4667 which bans vaccine passports. The House Oversight Committee will hold a hearing on this important issue on Thursday, April 29th.

They are asking you to:

"bring your signs, bring your friends and family, we need to show up in massive numbers to support this effort.  This is an ALL inclusive effort, it is an opportunity to bring EVERYONE together to fight crimes against humanity!! This is not about politics, this is about Medical Freedom for ALL!"

In their Facebook post about the event, they stated that

"The 1986 Act gives impunity to vaccine manufacturers, so they are never held accountable for the injury they cause to millions of people, therefore we do not support forced vaccinations. Implementing vaccine passports is nothing more than a backdoor to forced vaccination and WE MUST stand against this injustice!!"

They will have speakers who are well educated on this issue.  They ask you to please come to get information and show your support!!!!

If you go please call into my show on Friday to let us know how it went.

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