Just recently President Trump offered states an additional $300 a week bump to the unemployed during the state induced economic shutdowns.  He also asked for the Governors of each state to pitch in an extra $100 a week, Governor Whitmer refused to throw in that additional $100 a week for Michigan’s unemployed.

We now find out from reporting in the Detroit News that the Governor is going to spend $1.1 million in security upgrades to the Governor's residency in Lansing which also interestingly will include the construction of a new perimeter fence/wall.

Wait!!! A Democrat is building a fence/wall around the border of their home, now why would they do that? Is she is trying to keep people out of the Governor's mansion that are not supposed to be there, sounds a bit familiar to me.  Wasn’t Whitmer one of many elected Democrats who stated that President Trump is a horrible racist and bigoted person because he wanted to build a fence/wall around our border?  Should we now think of Whitmer as a racist and bigoted person?

It gets even worse, this eight-foot-tall fence/wall appears to be electrified.  Last week there were signs around the fence/wall that stated:

"Danger. High voltage. Unauthorized persons keep out."

Whitmer spokeswoman Tiffany Brown said the cost for the upgrades will be paid for with taxpayer's funds from the executive office budget.

Let’s summarize, Whitmer refuses to help Michigan’s unemployed, unemployed due to her decisions, with an additional $100 a week.  However, she will spend $1.1 million Michigan taxpayer dollars to build a fence/wall around the border of the Governor's residency.

Sounds perfectly uncaring for the plight of Michigan’s unemployed and hypocritical when it comes to building a fence/wall around her borders.

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