During this time of economic upheaval and tragedy that occurred and is still occurring in the state of Michigan, due to Governor Whitmer’s executive orders, she has been asking residents to support Michigan businesses she has allowed to partially or fully open.  Sounds like a great idea and I agree with Governor Whitmer.  Yes, you read that correctly I agree with Governor Whitmer on this issue.

Also during this time of economic upheaval and tragedy that occurred and is still occurring in the state of Michigan, due to Governor Whitmer’s executive orders, you would think she would always buy Michigan.

Well, you would be wrong.

Do you remember way back in 2018 when Whitmer ran on the promise to “fix the damn roads”?  Now let’s move forward to last week, did you receive an envelope in the mail that pictured Governor Whitmer at a construction site?  To the left of that picture of her were the words: “Fixing the Damn Road Ahead — Together”.

Well, Whitmer is helping to fix something and that is the economy of the state of Wisconsin.  She had the mailer printed in and sent from the great state of Wisconsin.  Perhaps there are no companies in Michigan that print documents or mailers and other companies that offer a service of mailing them for you.

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that Christopher Mills, a spokesperson, for her campaign said it was all a mistake:

"The Whitmer for Governor campaign has always worked closely with union- and Michigan-based printers, and will continue to do so in the future...The vendor error has been corrected to ensure that the campaign can continue to support our relationship with local union printers."

Really just a big mistake.

Then why did it take Lifezette to find campaign finance disclosures documents from Whitmer’s campaign last year to enlighten us all to the hundreds of thousands of dollars she has contracted with the Madison, Wisconsin-based company called Run the World for “direct mail”?

According to reporting by Lifezette, last year Whitmer’s campaign paid Run The World:

  • $23,702 in February
  • $83,419 in May
  • $95,702 in June
  • $105,335 in July 
  • $22,384 in August 
  • $102,132 in September

Wow, Gretchen that is $432,674 that you paid to a company outside of Michigan just last year while you were ordering all of those Michigan businesses to close.  I am going to make an assumption that there are companies in Michigan that could have used those $432,674 dollars.

Or were those companies also shut down by you at the time you were mailing out campaign material?

Now people will say she probably had no idea how the campaign spent their money.  Possibly so, but if I was the Governor I would have made an executive decision, or should I say order she is good at those, that ZERO campaign funds would be spent outside of Michigan without my written authority.  

That is a decision and rule I would have made before I shutdown many Michigan companies. If I had closed that many businesses I would firing anyone who sent close to half a million dollars to another state's companies 5 separate times without my written permission.

Balls in your court or should I say the mailer is in your Wisconsin envelope Governor Whitmer, what will you do.

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