I was saddened to read articles informing us that the city of Grand Rapids felt the need to barricade their police department headquarters due to a trial 600 miles and four states away.

Unfortunately, that is what our society has come to due to all of the race hustlers, racial arsonists and police hater’s these days.  I am looking directly at you Democratic Party and most of the media.

With everything occurring at warp speed these days I think we need to slow down and calmly think about what is occurring, why it is occurring and who the catalyst behind those occurrences are.

Exactly who do you think the City of Grand Rapids and other large cities around the country are barricading themselves from?

What political ideology do you believe these people, who they are concerned will cause violence, looting and rioting believe in.

Think calmly and rationally about that question.

What were we told prior to our last election?  We were told if Democrat Joe Biden was to win the election no one was worried about barricading their stores and homes in the big cities.  We were told if Republican President Trump was to win you better Katy bar the door because violence, looting and rioting were coming.

So the question is what has happened to the Democratic Party?  Who has hijacked them and why is it their sympathizers and voters the ones that everyone is barricading themselves from?

I remind you once again the big cities and stores believed they would need to barricade themselves if the Republican President Trump was to win.  My theory was proven because no one looted and burned down the cities after Biden was declared the winner.

You must ask yourself; why are the Democrats and most of the media letting the mob rule?

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