I am sure many of you have noticed all of the bottlenecks around the state of Michigan caused by road construction.  The positive is the roads are being worked on, the negative is that we have not seen anyone working on them lately.  Why, because the Unions engineers have been locked out due to a contract dispute.

We the citizens who pay for all of this work to be done in a timely fashion are all suffering due to the dreaded delays caused by the orange cones.  The delays are bad enough when people are working on these projects and making progress but when there is no progress it brings our frustration to another level.

Well help may be on the way in the form of non-union engineers and workers.

Mike Nystrom, executive vice president for the Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association, was quoted in a Detroit News article saying:

Contractors are going back to work as we speak, using other non-union operators. So many projects will be up and running in very short order…private operators from other states or non-union operators from Michigan who say they want to help out.

Thank you!

I understand that the unions are asking for whatever they are asking for but that does not help us taxpayers when work needs to be completed and we are sitting behind 100’s of cars moving at a snail’s pace.

Governor Snyder and the state is also in contact with the National Guard because they are considering using the guard's engineering units to address critical projects with higher safety risks or commuter challenges before winter.

Governor Snyder was also quoted in the article stating:

We’re not taking sides … in a labor dispute, but we have an interest for our citizens because our roads are critically important…We have a lot of road projects that are currently under construction that are not making progress, and we have the winter coming, so we have a real concern about the safety of our citizens and their quality of life.

I say get the road work completed no matter what professional are actually doing the work, it is time for Michigan’s citizens to start moving again.

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