95.3 WBCK has teamed up with Michigan Tile & Carpet in Battle Creek to give away a $5000 Spring Spruce Up.

How to win

  • Stop and enter at one of our special Spring Spruce Up qualifying appearances.
  • 50 finalists will be randomly chosen to join us for an event at Michigan Tile & Carpet where we will have a draw-down from the 50 finalist to determine a grand prize winner.

All of our 50 Finalists will gather for an exciting "Draw-Down" at Michigan Tile and Carpet, 99 East Michigan Avenue, on Wednesday May 10th at 5pm.

Michigan Tile and Carpet

Here's the list of finalists we've registered so far:

19-Apr Domino's Ann Falcon
19-Apr Domino's Sherii Sherban
19-Apr Domino's Anna Harms
19-Apr Domino's Muriel Walters
19-Apr Domino's David Smith
19-Apr Domino's Becky Dosh
20-Apr Finley's Maggie Campbell
20-Apr Finley's Chrissy Lewis
20-Apr Finley's Dave Hyslop
20-Apr Finley's Tim Saye
20-Apr Finley's Julie Taft
20-Apr Finley's Lori Hendrickson
26-Apr Sweetwater's Janet Le Fevre
26-Apr Sweetwater's Kim Fry
26-Apr Sweetwater's Phyllis Rice
26-Apr Sweetwater's Helen Rettenmaier
26-Apr Sweetwater's Bruce Hyde
26-Apr Sweetwater's Jim Graham
29-Apr MCCU Kristi Snyder
29-Apr MCCU Jewell Thomas
29-Apr MCCU Lois Masters
29-Apr MCCU Jim Topa
29-Apr MCCU Chad Carlisle
29-Apr MCCU Ginger Swagler
2-May WBCK Carol Orr
2-May WBCK George Hubka
2-May WBCK Wilma Strickland
2-May WBCK Patti Lessmann
2-May WBCK Chris Walczak
2-May WBCK Jennifer Quillen
6-May Russell's Country Store David Erb
6-May Russell's Country Store John Weber
6-May Russell's Country Store Cynthia Kelly
6-May Russell's Country Store Brenda Cieslak
6-May Russell's Country Store David Rombaugh
6-May Russell's Country Store Lindy Burton
6-May Southern Michigan Pool Pros Ann Winsor
6-May Southern Michigan Pool Pros Mary Ann McDaniels
6-May Southern Michigan Pool Pros Michael Dorr
6-May Southern Michigan Pool Pros Kathy Meisterheim
6-May Southern Michigan Pool Pros Terry Sheerer
6-May Southern Michigan Pool Pros Chris Pitchure
9-May Fire Hub  Terri Raymond
9-May Fire Hub  Gloria Mansfield
9-May Fire Hub  Josh Lessig
9-May Fire Hub  Kathy Havens
9-May Fire Hub  James Zaleski
9-May Fire Hub  John Wright
10-May On Line  Paul Herrmann
10-May On Line  Lois Pierson