It seemed like the LandShark skit, from the early days of Saturday Night Live, when an unsuspecting woman (first played by Gilda Radner) would hear knocking on the door of her apartment, and would ask, “Who is it?”. Then a muffled voice would reply, (mumbling) "Mrs. Arlsburgerhhh?.” The woman would reply, “Who is it?” The voice would then reply, “Plumber.” Puzzled,She would reply, "Plumber? I never asked for a plumber..who is it?" The voice, pausing, would then reply, "Telegram.." . The woman would then eventually open the door, and get devoured by the LandShark, who was, according to Wikipedia, voiced by Chevy Chase.

Well, this knocking at the door of a Tampa, Florida family was no LandShark, but rather an alligator. And, according to the Associated Press and Fox 6 News, it is the second case within the past few weeks.

It was 4 AM, when the Florida family heard knocking sounds at the front door of their home. Apparently they were not expecting a plumber or a telegram at this time at night and thought that perhaps somebody was trying to break into their home. After calling 911, authorities arrived, finding a 5-foot alligator at the door of their home. With the help of Florida Fish and Wildlife, the gator was returned to the wild.

This is not the first incident, way down south, of a LandGator trying to gain access into an unsuspecting victim’s home. Gary Rodgers, of Moncks Corner, South Carolina, took a video of a gator, trying to ring the doorbell, of a home.

Beware, to all who live or plan on visiting gator country this summer. Do not fall for the old ploy of a flower delivery person or pizza guy knocking at your door.

It could be the dreaded LandGator.