As you plan for the weekend, make sure your favorite beach isn't closed.

Summertime in Michigan is the best. Whether you plan to hit the water on a boat or at the beach, we all enjoy some sun and relaxation. The only downside is when your favorite beach is closed or has a contamination advisory.

As you make your plans for the weekend, look ahead and make sure that the beach you want to go to is open. If it is not, you may want to check out one of the other 1,233 public beaches in Michigan. 

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Michigan Beaches with closures or contamination advisories (as of 7/29/21)

  • Handsome Lake - Crossroads for Youth - Closed
  • Lake Superior - Ontonagon Lakeshore Park, Public Shoreline Beach - Contamination Advisory
  • Wixom Lake - Wixom Waters - Closed
  • Pontiac Lake - Pontiac Recreation Area - Closed
  • Lake St. Clair - St. Clair Shores Memorial Park Beach - Closed
  • Crooked Lake - Independence Oaks County Park - Closed
  • Saginaw Bay - Lake Huron - Singing Bridge Beach - Contamination Advisory
  • Lake Huron - Caseville County Park - Closed
  • Lake Callis - Lake Callis - Closed
  • Ross Lake - Beaverton City Park - Contamination Advisory
  • Houghton Lake - Lakeview Park - Contamination Advisory
  • Wolf Lake - Sunset Park - Contamination Advisory
  • Portage Cana/Lake Superior - Sandy Bottom Beach/Dollar Bay - Closed

You can always stay up to date with what beaches are closed or have contamination advisories with the Michigan BeachGuard System. Click here to see the updates and explore all of Michigan's 1,233 public beaches that you can enjoy.

My daughter and I have been wanting to explore new beaches and this page really helps us out.

Source: Michigan BeachGuard System

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