For an 18 year old, Maggie Wood has already done a lot.  She's been to 28 countries, mostly working with her travel agent Grandmother.   She's grown up working in the family business in downtown Battle Creek, the Team Active bike shop.  Now she's working as  Dave Morgan’s campaign manager.  Morgan is running for the 62nd State House seat.

Wood was a guest on the 95.3 WBCK Morning Show with Tim Collins.  The recent Lakeview High School grad will run cross country at Kellogg Community College this year,  becoming the first athlete to commit to the startup program.  She says running is a form of meditation for her and she enjoys running around Goguac Lake.  And she's doing a lot of walking these days too, knocking on doors with candidate Morgan.  

Wood interned with the Michigan Republican Party.  She says that she saw a lot of students getting involved with issues and protesting after school shootings and was concerned that some seemed to be doing it for the attention on social media.  She says she's gotten involved to learn more about the issues.

Wood says she's not really all that active on social media, by design, but admits she's having to use it more on behalf of her candidate boss.  She says she thinks it's best for her to limit her time on social media, but does still have a Facebook account.

Dave Morgan doesn't face an opponent in the August 7th primary, so Maggie Wood's current job will overlap with school this fall.  The general election is November 6th.


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