Looking to plan a trip to somewhere in Michigan to check out the spectacular fall colors? Here's are predictions on the best times to go.

Weather.com says to expect most of Lower Michigan to peak in mid-October. Northern Lower Michigan and the entire Upper Peninsula will see peak fall colors in early October.

The earliest fall colors in the nation will be in Northern Minnesota and interior New England in late September.

Detailed Fall Color Predictions from Pure Michigan

Pure Michigan maintains a Fall Color predictor. Here's when they're anticipating color changes.

September 20: Western UP and Keweenaw Peninsula will begin to see the earliest color.

September 25: The first changes will be evident across the state with oranges popping in the Upper Peninsula

September 30: The Upper Peninsula will see deep reds while widespread full color will be seen throughout the Lower Peninsula

October 6: During this week, the entire state should be in full glorious color

October 19: The Upper Peninsula and the Straits area will be past peak with the Lower 4/5 of the Mitten still expecting great color

October 30: By the time Halloween arrives, expect the vibrancy to be nearing an end across the state for another year with the rich umber of fallen leaves blanketing both the Upper and Lower Peninsula

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