Has this saga ended, well for now it has.

I recently informed you about Michael Rotondo, a 30 year old man whose parents asked him to finally move out of their home and he would not.

His parents where so sick of him living at home and not working that they proceeded with an eviction process.  Their son would still not leave their home.  His parents then went to the courts and asked the court to evict their son.

The judge ruled that it is time this 30 year old man move out of his parents’ home.

Well according to Syracuse.com he has started to pack up and must be out of his parents’ home today by 5 p.m.

He will be moving in with a previously unknown distant cousin. Anthony Mastropool, 40, who had seen Michael’s story on TV and offered to lend him a hand to move out and into his place, oddly enough around the corner from his parents.  In Anthony’s discussion with Michael’s mother they found out that he is a distant cousin.

Michael told news reporters that he is glad to get out of his parents’ home, well Mike then why did you fight it all the way to the courts, and stated he will never speak to his parents again.

Mike, you will never speak to your parents again until you need something, right?

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