After yesterday's show concerning the NFL and the National Anthem controversy I received an email from one of my listeners, a veteran of the Vietnam War.  In the email he informed me he was in Vietnam from 1971-72 as Specialist 4th Class in the U.S. Army.

An email in which he described what the flag meant to him as a solider and what it means to him today.

He wrote me the following:

I don't think those who disrespect the anthem and the flag understand how much it troubles us who feel differently. As a veteran, I sent this to a friend to help explain how I feel.


Once you have been in a combat zone in harm’s way and are returning to your base and see the American flag, you will never see it the same way again. It comes much more than just a symbol. At that moment to you it becomes America itself. Everything and everyone you love. Out there: mortal danger, foreign, hostel; under the flag: security, home, accepting. It envelops you in a warm embrace while saying “no harm will come to you here, you are my son and I will sustain you” It sustained me in time of war, it sustains me still, and when I die it will be on my casket, just as it was for my father. That is what the flag means to me.

I could not say it any better and will add no other words to this post.



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