In the past week, both General Motors and Burger King have unveiled new logos. There are times when I think, what's the big deal, but then I realize, if it matters to someone, it is a big deal. I know more about sports team logos, and trust me, a bad logo for your favorite team can make you cringe every time you watch a game or even a highlight. I'll show you what I mean in a second.

First things first. General Motors unveiled a new logo last week and it isn't radically different. In fact, GM's PR department even says "GM’s new logo builds on a strong heritage while bringing a more modern and vibrant look to GM’s familiar blue square". As the company moves towards electrification of the standard internal combustion propelled vehicle, this new logo has a more "electric" blue look. (This article says there's a hidden "Easter egg" in it.) Will it make you buy a car? By itself? No. But it can be a point of pride for GM employees and dealers. I get that.

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Burger King, too. The new Burger King logo is actually the old logo, slightly reworked. But it's part of a total refresh. New uniforms for the staff, new store design for the new post-pandemic era. But at the same time, it begs the question, why pay someone a lot of money to come up with the old logo? Just asking.

Now, back to sports logos. I'm a fan of the Chicago White Sox. After years of ugly, the Sox brought back their classic 50's through 70's logo. Black and white, with pinstripes. Classic. You don't see the Tigers messing with the "Olde English D" (By the way, this is Hall of Famer Frank Thomas, before he became famous for hawking male supplements.)

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But then someone thought, let's bring back the 80's ugly "cereal box" logo on weekends. Scary part is, some people actually like this better. I'll stop with this one.

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