A large gift from two alumni is going to help revamp Albion College's medical school.

Albion College says Monday that Dr. James Wilson and Lisa Wilson have given $5.1 million, the largest gift by an individual or couple in the college's history. The money will be used to establish the Lisa and James Wilson Institute for Medicine, formerly the Institute for Healthcare Professions.

The goal of the new Institute is to "rethink and advance undergraduate teaching and preparation so that all Albion students who aspire to become physicians can realize their dreams in a fast changing medical-education environment." they want to close the "undergraduate preparation gap" for those planning on attending a medical school.

Starting this fall, faculty from several departments at Albion will review medical school curricula and "merge those findings" with best practices for undergraduate teaching. They plan on offering their first new courses in Fall 2019. President of Albion College Dr. Mauri Ditzler says that as a smaller college, they can make changes in a short time that might take larger universities up to a decade, because they are "nimble".

Lisa and James Wilson graduated from Albion College in the 1970's.

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