Albion College's president credits its new sewage testing program in part for zero cases of COVID-19 community spread on campus.

Albion College is testing wastewater and sewage for signs of the COVID-19 virus on campus. The college has been testing sewage for COVID-19 and Albion College President Mathew Johnson told WWMT that the new testing method is another effort to help the college keep its students safe.

Officials at Albion College had sampling devices installed on the wastewater exit pipes of some of the largest residential halls and areas on campus. The devices collect samples in a 24-hour period which are then sent to a lab facility where they are tested for any elevation of the virus. School officials say that one positive COVID-19 case has been identified through this effort. That individual has since made a full recovery and has been cleared to resume all normal activity.

College President Mathew Johnson says that at five weeks into the academic year, Albion College has had nine positive COVID-19 cases and no cases of community spread. He also said that the college's efforts to limit the spread of the virus have been so successful that school leaders there are now considering scaling back on some of its restrictions.

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