Jim and Ben from US Staffing stopped in on the 95.3 WBCK Morning Show to talk about striking a balance between work-life and home-life.  Jim noted that in 1965, a Senate subcommittee predicted that by 2000, Americans would only be working 20 hours a week with a seven week vacation!  What happened?

Ben noted that as we get ready to send kids back to school it’s probably a good time to re-assess work-life balance issues again and restart some of those conversations.    They talked about a new Harvard Business Review article on the subject:  “4 Conversations Every Overwhelmed Working Parent Should Have” by Grenny and Maxfield.

If you’re a parent looking to establish and sustain a healthier balance work-life balance for yourself, your children, and your business then there are some specific conversations you should be having in the near future.

  • First, have a conversation with yourself. Yep, sounds weird, but it’s important to reflect about who you are and what you want before you go out and talk with others about your boundaries of work and life.
  • Second, sit down with your boss and co-workers and let them know of your passion for your career and your work-related goals, and then unapologetically share how your family commitments relate to these priorities.
  • Third, talk with your spouse. This is a time to have a real honest conversation with your spouse about your common goals for life and you’re your children
  • Finally, have a conversation with your children when they are old enough. It’s ok to have frank and honest communication with your children about the pressures you feel in trying to balance life and work goals. It will be a great teachable moment for them!

If you think that your current employer is not able or willing to provide you with the work-life balance you need, then reach out to Jim and Ben at US Staffing.  The same goes if you’re an employer looking for quality employees who are determined to help your business grow.

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