The office of Governor Gretchen Whitmer is in receipt of a request from a resident of Barry County. The resident is demanding the removal of Sheriff Dar Leaf.

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The resident claims the Sheriff is not protecting Barry County when he takes some time to talk about the duties of the office of Sheriff and the constitutional powers placed on the office of Sheriff. It is a lightning rod issue for some people. While there are a few vocal critics of Sheriff Leaf in Barry County, who don’t appreciate his work,  there seems to be an overwhelming majority of residents supporting the Sheriff. The request comes from one person, even though it is called a petition. There’s no long list of Barry County residents signing the document in support.

A recent social media post from Sheriff Leaf which we reported on reviewed how Sheriffs are specifically recognized in the US Constitution and the specific responsibilities placed on the office. That got some people in Barry County riled up.  A lot more were applauding a little education on the founding of America and the role played by law enforcement in our lives.

The Governor’s office has turned the removal request over to the office of Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel for review before taking any position on it. No telling what the liberal Whitmer Administration may try to do with the removal request.

There's no indication a Michigan Sheriff has ever been removed from office by a Governor. There is a mechanism to do that. But presumably would require significant evidence of failures to uphold the laws of the state and the nation. And no doubt an attempt to remove Sheriff Leaf would be met with stiff reaction on a number of fronts.

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