A Facebook posthas dog owners around Battle Creek upset and concerned after it reported a malicious case of animal abuse in the city. The page 'Lost dogs, cats and pets in Battle Creek, MI' posted a disturbing photo that originated with an east-side resident Monday evening, and as expected, it has caused an uproar and the post has been shared more than 1900 times as residents are hoping it could lead to tracking down whoever is responsible for the attack on the dog.


(Courtesy: Lost dogs, cats and pets in Battle Creek, MI Facebook group)
(Courtesy: Lost dogs, cats and pets in Battle Creek, MI Facebook group)

On Saturday, All Species Kinship (A.S.K.) responded to what appeared to be a knife slashing on a dog on Mott Street in the Post Addition neighborhood. They were told the dog had been tethered outside for the night and got loose. He was reportedly located later in the day back in the yard, but suffering from a deep wound to his side and needed medical assistance.

There is no evidence on when or where the abuse took place, but it is likely to have happened near the residence. The Battle Creek Police Department has been contacted and at this time there are no suspects and no official reports of similar attacks from law enforcement. Anyone with information on this or who wishes to report a similar attack should contact local authorities immediately. Meanwhile, A.S.K. encourages dog owners to to keep their pets inside versus chained 24/7 to reduce any potential risks to their welfare.

People may perceive a chained dog, or roaming dog at-large, as a nuisance, or threat, increasing the likelihood of a malicious act. The general public should be vigilant to anyone talking about this incident and report any concerns to the Battle Creek Police Department immediately. For help with chained dogs, you can contact A.S.K. at 877-596-7776.

There is some good news despite the disturbing nature of this incident. The dog is now recovering comfortably inside as a result of A.S.K. paying for his emergency vet care that his family was unable to provide due to the high costs.

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