Every town has a few streets that are either hard to pronounce.  I guess Battle Creek is lucky.  Places like Germany or Iceland?  Forget about it.   Battle Creek does have Frelinghuysen Avenue, which is fairly tough, but didn't make our list.   Some towns have unique local pronunciations.  For example, if you’re in Charlotte, North Carolina, its “SHAR-lit.”  But if you’re in Charlotte, Michigan, it’s “shar-LOT”.  

Complicating matters in Michigan is that we have a lot of Native American and French names.  The city of Dowagiac (duh-WAU-jack) gets butchered by a lot of people.   Presque Isle is actually pronounced “Presk-EEL.”  Battle Creek has its share of Native American names, but most of them don’t seem to be too hard to say, once you take a close look.

  • Wa Wee Nork Drive
  • Wahwahtaysee Way
  • Waupakisco Beach

Sure, some are an either/or, like Roosevelt.  Is it “ROSE-uh-velt”, or is is “ROOZE-uh-velt”?    For that matter, a lot of people argue over whether it’s Battle Creek or Battle Crick.  That’s a discussion for another day.

But it is pretty easy to tell somebody who either isn’t from Battle Creek or someone who hasn’t lived in Battle Creek for long, by the way they pronounce these five streets.  So what are the top five mispronounced street names in Battle Creek?  Read on.


Battle Creek's Most Mispronounced Streets

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