This is unnerving. In Van Buren County a person was mowing alongside the road near Timber Ridge Ski Area, when they happened upon what looked like three pipe bombs, according to WWMT.

It happened Wednesday, around 4 pm when a person mowing noticed something odd in the ditch alongside CR388 at the intersection of 23 1/2 Street.   Because the three objects looked very suspicious, they called the Van Buren Sheriff’s department out to the scene.  Once they arrived they determined the items looked like three pipe bombs and called out the Berrien County Bomb Squad to disable to devices, ABC57 reports.   

Nobody is denying that they were three pipe bombs, which makes this all the more unnerving. Why out in the middle of Van Buren County, near Pine Grove Township, are there three pipe bombs, just laying in the ditch?

Police are looking for those same answers and are asking for anyone who might know who made them or anything else about the bombs to call the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Department at (269) 657-2006.

I’m interested to hear more about this story as police find out who “dropped” their three pipe bombs.  Really I just want to know who and why is someone making pipe bombs and leaving them in ditches? (or even just making things that look like a pipe bomb?)  Also, if feel like if you’re in Van Buren County and see something weird in the ditch or in your yard, maybe don’t just pick it up.  If it looks suspicious, give the police a call just to be safe.

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