Hundreds of exotic animals were rescued from a bootleg zookeeper in a Romulus strip mall Thursday.

You don't expect to find kangaroos in a Michigan strip mall.  How about over 300 hedgehogs?  It gets worse according to,

Police said they received a tip Thursday about someone illegally housing animals in a building in the 31000 block of Ecorse Road.

Officials found more than 300 hedgehogs, six Flemish giant rabbits, three large iguanas, two kangaroos, an Arctic fox, a peacock and a 16-foot, 200-pound reticulated python, according to authorities.

All the animals were turned over to people who could care for them, police said.

Can we agree there are certain things this seem fishy in a strip mall?

#1 A "spa" that's open til Midnight.  
If the open sign is lit late at night...those are not your average massages happening in that "spa."

#2 A dentist office.  
I'm sure there are awesome dentist offices in strip malls.  But they're usually medical plazas.  When the dentist office is next to a "spa" in a strip mall, I would be concerned.

#3  A freakin' zoo.
I see pet stores in strip malls all the time.  However, that's not a place that should probably have an arctic fox or kangaroos.


Police are investigating this bootleg zookeeper situation.  No charges have been filed yet, but the place has been shut down.

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