An email forwarded by a friend points up just how widespread the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has been at Western Michigan University, and more to the point, maybe a peek at the effect on the athletic department, as we move forward from the initial three month shutdown.

Earlier in May, Western Michigan University President Edward Montgomery announced a loss of $45 million dollars in revenue to the pandemic and the school's closing. This, in turn, has forced a 20% across the board budget cut in Bronco athletics. The good news is, none of the sixteen sports are being eliminated but all will be hurting financially as the summer, now, and coming school year approaches.

The Bronco Hockey newsletter focuses on the current economic impact from the hockey program's perspective, with coach Andy Murray stating "generally, I am reluctant to talk about giving and gifts in support of our program; however, today the need is greater than ever before."

Part of the problem is so many of the fund-raising events that are a part of the off-season for all the sports, are either cancelled for this year, and/or postponed to 2021. The generosity of the alumni and fans will be put to the test in the coming year.

Also in the newsletter, Murray gives a preview of a possible coming season. He says the NCHC has tentatively put together a  "usual" schedule, but with the expected disclaimer that everything and anything could change given how Covid-19 virus affects people later this year, and that the season's start date could be pushed back to after Thanksgiving or even after January 1st.

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