Burger King serves up whopping bad news in Sturgis as they plan to close their doors this Satruday, February 22nd, 2020.  There must be a good reason for this, right?  Probably poor customer service or low sales.  That would make sense if it were true.  The restaurants General Manager, Robert Snyder expressed his shock about the closing to the Sturgis Journal,

Snyder expressed shock as to why the Sturgis restaurant would close, stating that Sturgis Burger King “had the numbers to support staying open.”  He offered some statistics to support his claim. Among them, he said Sturgis Burger King ranked in the top five for speed of service the last three years, had the lowest employee turnover within the company and he was general manager of the year two years in a row.

Snyder also said that Tria Company of Battle Creek will close the location, but the employees are baffled as to why, due to good performance at the location. No specific reason has been reported.

Snyder, along with 20 other employees, will lose their jobs on Saturday.  Some of those employees have been at that Burger King for 15 years.  Just last September the Burger King on Cork St in Kalamazoo closed.  You can read that story here.

If you love Burger King and live in Sturgis this is going to sting a little.  Now, to get your Whopper fix you'll have to drive half an hour to Three Rivers.


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