Kent County leaders are waiting to see if they’ll get a direct response from a letter to Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. The Chair of the Kent County Board of Commissioners and the Mayor of Grand Rapids sent the joint communication to the Governor. It’s asking, nicely, how businesses that remain closed by the Governor’s direct Orders, can reopen.  While some interpret the letter as an ask, others say it’s a veiled way of saying this has gone on long enough. The letter prods the Governor to respond with how local units of governments can have a seat at the table to have direct input into the Governor’s virus control orders. So far, the Governor hasn’t even been willing to allow the elected members of the State House and Senate to have a say in the matter.

The Kent County Board Chair and Mayor of Grand Rapids are pointing out to the Governor that many of the businesses that remain closed by her orders are on the verge of total collapse.  They point to the extremely low virus mortality rate based on the state’s own figures as maybe the best example that more needs to be done to get local businesses up and running again.  They’re telling the governor that if fitness centers can’t reopen, conventions can’t be held, and concerts can’t be attended, the impact on Kent County and Grand Rapids while near the breaking point now, will be catastrophic if the shutdown is imposed by the Governor any longer.

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