The first Calhoun County resident has died from COVID-19.  The individual was an adult resident at Advantage Living Center (Battle Creek) with underlying medical conditions.

“On behalf of Calhoun County we extend our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of this individual,” said Eric Pessell, Health Officer for Calhoun County Public Health Department. “We are saddened by this death and realize it is difficult news for our community as we face the reality of the COVID-19 outbreak. The importance of staying vigilant in our disease prevention actions is stronger than ever. Not everyone who has the coronavirus will be visibly sick. Following public health guidelines is essential. Please continue to limit travel outside the home only when absolutely necessary, and diligently wash your hands.”
Currently there are 9 laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases at Advantage Living of which five are residents and four are staff members. The CCPHD continues working with Advantage Living leadership and staff to control the facility spread of COVID-19. If Advantage Living family members, guardians, or residents have questions, please call the Michigan Long-term Care Ombudsman and Advocates for Nursing Home Residents free and confidential number at 866-485-9393. They are available to discuss any questions family members or guardians may have.


The death was announced late Friday afternoon.  At that time, Calhoun County had 31 documented cases of the COVID-19 virus.  245 tests have been administered, and 159 have been negative.  55 tests are pending.

Michigan now has nearly 13,000 confirmed cases.

Reports say some patients from the Detroit area are being treated at West Michigan hospitals, with at least two being treated at Marshall's Oaklawn Hospital.

"We do have widespread community transmission in Calhoun County, as is being experienced throughout the state of Michigan," Calhoun County Medical Director Dr. William Nettleton said. "We should expect more cases. It's just unknown what the severity will be."




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