Calhoun County is now seeking input from the community on the state of their park system.

The Calhoun County Office of Community Development says Tuesday that they are taking a public input survey related to countywide parks; the questions touch on issues like the redevelopment of Kimball Pines, a potential parks millage, and the accessibility of the parks to residents.

The survey can be taken in August and September, and the information gathered will be used in the Calhoun County Parks and Recreations 5-Year Master Plan.

You can take the survey online by clicking the link here. For a hard-copy of the survey, you can call the Community Development Office at 269-781-0782.

There are several parks in Calhoun County:

  • Historic Bridge Park, 14930 Wattles Rd., Battle Creek, MI  49014
  • The Ott Biological Preserve, 1129 Olive St., Battle Creek, MI  49014 and410 Jameson St., Battle Creek, MI  49014
  • Kimball Pines, 1158 E. Michigan Ave., Battle Creek, MI  49014
  • The Calhoun County Trailway - 5 1/2 miles that connects the three previous parks


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