This 4th of July weekend was a time to get some much needed sun, relax a little and most of all unwind a little bit from the stresses of the year. It's also important to remember that Covid-19 is still real and still out there, and social distancing is still very important. Well it seems that people just figured that because they were on vacation, Covid was too. Huge lake parties took place over the weekend which showed little to no mask wearing or social distancing.

The king of all nasty events, Jobbie Nooner, which took place a few weekends ago saw thousands of people setting the trend. This past weekend, huge parties were captured with shoulder-to-shoulder, non-mask wearing fun that I'm sure is gonna end great. One of the biggest parties took place in Cass County which featured a "petri dish" of possible Covid-19 carriers partying like sardines inside a can at Diamond Lake. The following tweet was sent out and man, does this look like a mess.

This is exactly why we can't have nice things. If even one person in this mosh pit of mindlessness has Covid-19, they had the potential to spread it to thousands of other people. Do people not understand the way viruses work? That's only considering just ONE person has it. Then these infected people are gonna go home and unknowingly infect and endanger the life of others. Nothing is going to be safe to do unless we finally put our pride and selfish wants aside and SOCIALLY DISTANCE.

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