You find out interesting facts every day on The Live with Renk show.  As is being reported in the Michigan Capitol Confidential news site article : 70% of the non-traditional public schools/charter schools student population comes from low income Michigan households compared to 44% in traditional public schools.  This data comes from Michigan’s Center for Educational Performance and Information.

Interesting because we are constantly told by Michigan teacher unions and the media the opposite or at least that is the perception they give us.

Also very interesting is that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is telling everyone that charter schools don’t take the "hardest to teach" students.  In fact she is quoted in the article saying:

"The original idea behind the charter schools … was to learn what worked and apply them in the public schools. And here's a couple of problems. Most charter schools, I don't want to say everyone, but most charter schools, they don't take the hardest-to-teach kids. And if they do, they don't keep them. The public schools are often in a no-win situation, because they do thankfully take everybody, and they don't get the resources and help and support they need to take care of every child's education."

Now this shows us that Mrs. Clinton either does not know of which she speaks of and if so she should not be making such proclamations as a presidential candidate, or she is just outright once again lying to us to promote an agenda and collect her union paycheck.

Did you know that charter schools in Michigan are required by law to accept every student who applies?  When too many families apply a lottery is used.

By the way for those of you who are thinking well Renk they may have a much much higher percentage of lower income children but traditional public schools have more special needs students.  Well you are incorrect.

According to the article special education students comprised 10% of the students in Michigan’s charter schools compared to 12% figure at traditional public schools.

So now you know the facts.

Interesting how the teacher unions and main stream media tells you or leaves you with the impression that the opposite is true.

I wonder why?

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