Why spend your loose change when you could be sitting on a ton of money in one tiny little coin?

In today's economy, a dime isn't likely to change much for you. What could once buy a pack of bubble gum is nearly worthless on the surface these days. Unless you're incredibly lucky.

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What are the odds you are in possession of a dime worth $2 million? Not very high, but I bet you'll inspect every dime you find for a while on the off chance it falls into your possession.

According to Reader's Digest, 24 dimes known as the 1894-S Barber Dime were minted in San Francisco by its superintendent, John Daggett, for his daughter urging her to save them. Naturally, she bought an ice cream treat with one of them, starting this whole saga. Only nine of these dimes are known to still exist, and seven of them are already accounted for in the hands of private collectors.

That leaves just two.

Don't worry, only 108.961 billion dimes have been minted in the past 100 years alone.

The coin is pretty easy to spot since it doesn't have Franklin D. Roosevelt on it, seeing as he hadn't been president yet. He's been on the dime since 1946, so most dimes you see today will have him on the face of the coin. Here's what the front of the coin looks like.

Marcomogollon via Wikipedia Commons
Marcomogollon via Wikipedia Commons

The Barber dime, which features a depiction of Liberty, was only in circulation from 1892 to 1916, making the coin even more rare. From 1916 to 1945, the Winged Liberty Head, commonly referred to as the "Mercury" dime was in circulation. Only the first two dimes, the "Disme" from 1792 and "Draped Bust" from 1796 to 1807 were in circulation for a shorter period than the Barber. So, you know, good luck.

You shouldn't let that get you down though. In 2016 one of these dimes was found and auctioned off for $2 million.

If you do have the dime, take it to a certified coin appraiser and make sure you have the real thing. You wouldn't want to go trying to sell the thing and it not be the real deal, would you?

Still, the dime is different enough to be easily spotted - and it's OLD, so mistaking it alongside your loose change isn't exactly likely. But, if you get lucky, just remember to share your luck with those who helped you. Because knowing my luck I vacuumed one of these up years ago and lost it forever.

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