Michigan child support payment amounts have always been calculated by state officials and then issued to the paying parent, who had to accept the calculations with “good faith”. Well, those days are disappearing thanks to an online child support calculator that is the same calculator used by state child support staff.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services assures users, of this new tool, that they will get the same results as staffers, as long as they input the same information.

The following issues can be addressed using the calculator:

  • Calculate a possible monthly support amount without the need to open a child support case or order.
  • Calculate child support prior to requesting a review and modification of a current child support order.
  • Compare results provided to them by child support staff.
  • Agree to a fair support amount with the other parent based on the Michigan Child Support Formula

This handy calculator can be used to determine a new support order, or perhaps, review an existing order that may be outdated due to changes in the situation.

Click this Child Support Calculator link and take it for a test drive!

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