Tekonsha Community School district buildings are closed to students this week.  The district is taking the action due to COVID-19 related issues.  The closing was initiated last Thursday with the district announcing the closing was effective starting Friday.

Superintendent Jeff Kawaski is posting on the district Facebook page that the plans now call for resuming in-person learning next Monday the 22nd. But that is far from set in stone. The district had to set up a hasty plan for Friday to allow students or parents into the middle and High school building, one at a time, to pick up textbooks or their Chromebook devices. At Tekonsha Elementary, teachers and staff brought items outside the building to hand over to waiting parents and guardians.

Superintendent Kawasaki is stressing the importance of students staying on top of their remote learning plans for the week. Kawaski is posting this general guideline, “Students will need to check their school emails every morning to receive assignments and/or participate in live classroom presentations on Google Classroom. Daily attendance and participation is very important since assignments and participation will be recorded and evaluated.”

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The switch back to online learning for Tekonsha also means no high school athletic practices this week and the school's basketball game scheduled for Friday is also canceled.

In Coldwater, the district is moving to a hybrid class schedule for the High School. Principal Bill Milnes says a big increase in the number of students ordered into quarantine is what’s forcing the change. Only the High School is affected.  The principal says all the cases appear to be connected with one individual. The High School plans to continue with the hybrid plan outlines in the district's COVID-19 preparedness outline at least through the Spring Break.

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