Three and a half years after most of this downtown Kalamazoo building collapsed, it's being propped up with long wooden beams.

On February 12th, 2017 the already damaged and weak structure of the building on the corner of East North Street and Porter Street was the victim of 50 MPH wind gusts which lead to a massive collapse.  The collapse took out a couple power lines and left bricks strewn all around the lot.

The building has a couple brick walls still standing along with some of the iron beam frame.  It's currently surrounded by a propped up chain link fence and 3 to 4 foot high weeds.  It seems like an accident waiting to happen.  Here are pictures taken of the building just a couple days ago.

Collapsed Building Downtown Kalamazoo 2020

So, who's in charge of cleaning this mess up?  The owner of the property?  The city of Kalamazoo?

Here are photos taken right after the collapse.

Collapsed Building Feb 2017

4 months after the collapse their was still a huge heap of bricks all over the lot as seen in the photos below.

Collapsed Building June 2017

I'm not an expert, but it seems dangerous.

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