It is all in the way you phrase your thoughts, questions, or title of your piece.  As an example, a person who calls themself a reporter, instead of an opinion writer, for MLive titled his piece yesterday “Pro-Trump activists could knock on your door asking questions about the 2020 election”.

Ask yourself how does he know that only “Pro-Trump” activists could be knocking on your door?  It is impossible for him to know this, so he is either lying to you or just allowing his bias to get in the way of his “reporting”.  Or just admit you are an opinion writer and all would be fine.

As you can see I, as an opinion writer, labeled my piece “Could A Pro-Election Integrity Person Come Knocking At Your Door Asking You Questions About Your 2020 Vote”.  Ask yourself which title you believe could be more accurate and fair?  The “reporter” or the opinion writer in this case.  I have not made an assumption one way or another.

Mlive is reporting about a group called Election Integrity Fund and Force.  They reported they this group is looking for volunteers in some Northern Michigan cities. I did my own investigation and found out that this group has been canvassing the state for approximately a month and are looking for volunteers to help them in their quest.

This group does not ask who you voted for as the MLive piece try’s their best to make you think that.  They ask you your name if you voted in the election and if you did vote was it absentee or at the polls.  There may be a few other questions they ask depending on the situation but they DO NOT ask you who you voted for or even what Party you voted for.

I repeat they DO NOT ask you who you voted for.  They are simply attempting to determine how many fraudulent votes were cast in Michigan’s election last year.  Just as they did in Maricopa County Arizona where they apparently found 100’s of thousands of fraudulent votes.  The margin of the reported Biden victory was approximately 10,000 votes.

An organizer with the group, Sandy Kissel, stated:

“We have no idea what really happened in this election”

She is exactly right we do not know what really happened last fall.  According to the report “a spokesperson for the Michigan Secretary of State said residents have no obligation to answer questions about how they voted and pointed to 250 statewide audits that affirmed President Joe Biden’s victory”.

Really 250 audits?

These 250 audits were really only 250 precincts covering approximately 18,000 ballots which averages out to 72 ballots per audit.

They did not even audit the chain of custody of one single vote.  They did something, then threw the word audit in the name so they can say they satisfied the law.   A law that stated that the citizens can ask for an audit.  An audit that the politicians who wrote and passed the law never thought of putting a definition of what that “audit” would be in the law.  Or perhaps they did know what they were doing and were looking to earn that name politician when they left that out.

Can any honest and intelligent person think that “auditing” an average of 72 ballots per precinct is an audit, let alone a complete audit?

Another organizer with Election Integrity Fund and Force Joanne Bakale stated that 8 million people in Michigan registered to vote.  Michigan had a population of approximately 10 million people.  Of those 10 million people approximately 20% or 2,000,000 are under the age of 18.  That would mean that of the 8,000,000 people eligible to vote approximately 8,000,000 registered to vote.  Do you believe that?

Michigan does need a canvassing of the vote and do not be afraid of any “Pro-Election Integrity Person” who knocks at your door.  They are simply attempting to bring election integrity back to our election unlike our elected state Republican and Democrats politicians are doing.

Interesting that MLive choose not to report on how the city of Battle Creek informed people that a Federal group called Voices for Vaccines will be canvassing the city.  Will they actually be asking you very personal health questions like; are you vaccinated?

I did see that the Battle Creek Enquirer did report on this but did not report one question they will be asking you.

Surprise Surprise!

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