It has been a long run for some of these beers, others not so long.  According to Molson Coors recently announced that they will discontinue 11 of what they call their economy brands.

That means if you are a fan of any of the following 11 beers you should plan on stocking up:

  1. Hamm’s Special Light
  2. Henry Weinhard’s Private Reserve
  3. ABV Icehouse Edge 
  4. Keylightful
  5. Keystone Ice
  6. Mickey’s Fine Malt Liquor Ice
  7. Miller High Life Light
  8. Milwaukee’s Best Premium
  9. Magnum
  10. Old English HG 8000
  11. Steel Reserve 211

Time never stops and as time rolls on our life changes, we get older and things come and things go.

The CEO of a Molson Coors, that would be a great job, Gavin Hattersley said:

‘After an extensive analysis of our business, we are meaningfully streamlining and premiumizing our U.S. portfolio…This will improve supply chain flexibility for our more profitable priority brands, enhance our innovation efforts, enable us to better focus resources and ensure dependable and on-time shipments to our distributors."

He understands that some of these brands he and the company are discontinuing still have a cult following in certain markets.  Because of that, he stated:

"Distributors who sell brands like Magnum and Mickey's are going to feel it when they are discontinued…So our local sales teams are partnering with distributors and retailers on a market-by-market basis on exit plans and to identify swaps that make sense."

Due to the fact that so many companies are siding with groups that are siding with forces aligned against America.  My advice, find another beer created by a company that loves America and what America stands for and partake in their offerings.

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