Climax-Scotts Community Schools is reporting a COVID-19 related closing on Monday. According to an email from Climax-Scotts, Sunday afternoon, there has been a confirmed case of COVID-19 at Scotts Elementary School.

Superintendent Doug Newington said he received a call Sunday afternoon that a staff member had tested positive for the virus and promptly contacted the Kalamazoo County Health Department.  Newington said they had not yet confirmed the source but have not seen any indication that it originated from the school.  "The actions we have taken are in cooperation with Jim Rutherford, the Kalamazoo County Health Director. Following the protocol set forth by Director Rutherford, we identified and notified the few people who may have had close contact. We are not aware of anyone else showing symptoms. The person who tested positive is currently self-isolating, as are those who met the guidelines for close contact. We all hope for a full and speedy recovery."

In response, Upper Elementary grades 3-5 will be closed for the next 14 days, until November 6th. The school is planning a Chromebook pickup for students on Monday and Tuesday, from 4:15 to 6:15 PM. Online instruction will begin on Wednesday. Grades Pre-K through 2nd and 6-12 will keep their normal schedule.

Newington said the district's teachers will be teaching during this closed period beginning on Wednesday morning, 10/28, to give time for devices to be picked up and for teachers to prep for all online teaching.

Grades Pre-K-2, and 6-12 will keep their normal schedule. If you have any questions, please email Principal Peters at or call 269-497-2101.

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