She clearly did not want to stop. But finally had no choice. Calhoun County Sheriff’s Deputies were called by Michigan State Troopers overnight to assist stopping a vehicle being driven along I-94 at speeds well over 100.  The driver was going so fast that State Troopers at several points between Benton Harbor and Kalamazoo had to terminate their pursuits. Once the driver got to Calhoun County, local county Sheriff’s Deputies set up a rolling roadblock. That didn’t work. The driver rammed a cruiser, got around, and kept going.  Albion Police were waiting. They deployed stop sticks. That worked. Sort of. Two tires on the car were blown out. But the driver kept going. It wasn’t until the driver went another 16 miles before finally coming to a stop near Jackson. The 31 year old woman driver from Illinois then gave up without further trouble. She’s now held at the Calhoun County Jail on a variety of charges from the 70 mile long pursuit.

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