Branch County Emergency Manager Tim Miner says the Blackhawk Dam is in a stage of failure. While the dam is fairly new, areas of failure were recently located. Significant rainfall totals from Friday are contributing factors. The Branch County Drain Commissioner's Office is working to make needed repairs and is reportedly making progress. Equipment has been brought in to repair the dam. There is potential for significant flooding in the Coldwater River area extending into the Pilot Knob area. The amount of flooding will be dependent on control mechanisms that are being applied, though a historic flooding is unexpected. Residents in the area should be prepared for potential flooding problems, make any necessary plans and continue to monitor for the latest updates. The City of Coldwater and Branch County Emergency Management are monitoring the situation.

Just before 3 p.m. Sunday the National Weather Service Northern Indiana issued a Flash Flood Watch for the Coldwater River below the Blackhawk Dam in Branch County. The watch will remain in effect through Monday afternoon. Rain is in the forecast for Monday evening. There is no word on whether that could have a negative impact on the situation.


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