Calhoun County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Dan Buscher has more than 30 years of criminal trial experience.   That’s vastly more than his opponent.   Buscher, is using the campaign slogan “experience matters.”    Buscher was a recent guest on the 95.3 WBCK Morning Show with Tim Collins.  Check out the video.

Buscher spent eight years in private practice and says he gained extensive experience handling all types of civil matters, representing both plaintiffs and defendants. “I have seen things from both sides of the courtroom.”

Buscher says he’s heavily involved in the implementation and supervision of Men's and Women's Drug Courts, Veterans Treatment Court, Mental Health Treatment Court and Sobriety Court.

Buscher says there’s a possibility that Calhoun County could lose a District Court judgeship, so “it’s going to be a heavy load for whomever wins this coming November.  District Court gets the ball rolling on a lot of different types of cases.  We do the arraignments, preliminary exam conferences, preliminary examinations, landlord-tenant cases, and small claims.  You’re involved with a lot of people in a quick, short amount of time.  It’s a fast-moving, litigant intensive environment.” Buscher went on to say, “You don’t get a lot of time, you don’t get too many do-overs in District Court.  You better get it right, because everyone’s rights can be affected.  You’ve got to get it right the first time.”

Buscher has been endorsed by District Court Judge Paul Beardslee, Chief District Court Judge Franklin Line, Jr., Circuit Court Judge Tina Yost Johnson, District Court Judge Samuel Durham, Chief Judge Pro Tem John Hallacy, Chief Judge Michael Jaconette, Probate Court Judge Gary Reed (ret.) and Chief Circuit Court Judge Conrad Sindt (ret.)

Buscher was asked if it was unusual for so many judges to endorse a candidate.

“This is about the first time since I’ve been here--over 30 years-- that I can recall current sitting or retired judges actually coming out to support someone.  Generally they take a hands-off approach, “said Buscher.   He says many expressed concern that with the possibility of the loss of a District Court Judge, that it was important that they endorse an experienced candidate. He says the endorsements aren’t just because of his experience.    “They tell me it’s my demeanor, my temperament.  I’ve had a working relationship with these judges for over 30 years.  They’ve seen me on a daily basis.  They know the quality of my work and they felt it was important to have someone who could handle the load and do the fair and impartial thing for the next six years.”








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