It's been a long and hard-fought race in to see who sits on the bench in Calhoun County's 10th District court.  Tracie Tomak and Dan Buscher appeared in the 95.3 WBCK Studio the day before the election to make their pitch for the job, which pays about $130,000 per year.

Even though the race is non-partisan, and they usual party hacks and handlers were not a factor in the race, there was still plenty of ugly in this one, exacerbated mostly by the use of social media.  Before the interview, with a lot of tension in the air, the two candidates shook hands, and gave each other a hug.  When it was over, they sat in our conference room and chatted for a long time, trying to get a quiet break from the hectic campaign.

In the interview, the two talked about qualifications and experience, polls by the Bar Association and Chamber of Commerce, their endorsements and the state of our court system in Calhoun County and several ideas proposed to improve the system.


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