If you live in Calhoun County and receive a Court Summons for jury duty, you may want to fulfill the obligations.

A press release issued by Calhoun County Courts, Tuesday afternoon, warns that “the Calhoun County Courts will begin contempt proceedings for jurors who fail to appear for jury duty or do not respond to the initial summons and questionnaire.” The release goes on to state that text messages, emails and phone calls are sent, so responding is easy.

The Courts’ new contempt process began August 1st and applies to jurors who failed to respond or appear for jury service this year, so if you received a summons and have any questions, please contact the Calhoun County Jury Office to avoid contempt-of-court proceedings.

The release states that “The Calhoun County Jury Office is committed to working with citizens called for jury duty and to ensure that the jury successfully fulfills its critical role in the justice system.”

UPDATE:  We reached out to Calhoun County authorities for more information.

  • The administrative hearings will be for anyone who has failed to appear or respond since January 2019.
  • The maximum penalty is $7,500 and /or 93 days jail
  • The Presiding Civil Judge in Circuit Court, currently Judge Sarah S. Lincoln, will hear these matters.

UPDATE:  We're not talking about a lot of people here, but there are a few that are facing fines and jail time.   Calhoun County officials tell WBCK,  "Since January 2019, we’ve mailed 2,675 questionnaires/summons. 123 failed to appear, but many of those have rescheduled for another term of service or are excused for medical or other qualified reasons. Six of the 123 failed to do anything after they were given multiple opportunities. Those will be pursued through the contempt of court process."

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