Apparently the national Democrat party is currently hurting for cash and they want the taxpayer to help fund their national convention next year.

Surprise, surprise the democrat party wants someone else to pay for them.

According to an article in The Washington Times the Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, congresswoman from Florida, is asking for taxpayers to give each party $20 million for their nominating convention next summer.

To do so, Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has written a bill to bring back taxpayer funding to help bear the cost of party conventions.

Did you catch that, “bring back”.  Did you know we helped pay for their conventions in the past?

Why do these politicians believe the American people should pay for or help pay for their conventions?  I believe there is an easy answer to her and that is NO!

The Republican National Committee spokeswoman Allison Moore informed Americans that their party doesn’t need the help.  She is quoted in the article stating “We support no taxpayer funding as long as there’s an alternate way for us to raise the funds to mount a successful convention”.

Apparently in the past we taxpayers were helping to pay for the cost of these national conventions, again unbelievable.  Both parties raised over a billion dollars in the last presidential election but apparently that was not enough for these financial wizards.

Why can’t these parties stand on their own and pay for their own conventions and elections?

Or do we go to complete taxpayer funding of all federal elections, with limits, and attempt to take private money out of the game?

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