I found a very interesting article in the Detroit Free Press this morning.  They are reporting on the Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones going off on “a caravan of protesters who drove past council members' homes” on Monday.

The Detroit Free Press reported that:

A ragtag caravan of 40 cars — ranging from a Tesla to a beat-up Mercury Topaz — circled the homes of three Detroit City Council members Monday as protesters ramped up their campaign to defund Project Green Light.

The protesters who've marched daily in the city of Detroit since the end of May have been demanding that the city end the use of what they call a controversial facial recognition technology.  According to the article:

The Police use still images taken from Project Green Light surveillance footage, along with still images from other sources, with the facial recognition software to identify suspects in violent crimes. Project Green Light has cameras at hundreds of local businesses, designated by green lights.

Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones was very upset with the people who were in the caravan and stated that they were "totally disrespectful" to her neighborhood residents. Apparently people complained that they couldn't get out of their driveways. Really, the complained that they had to wait for 40 cars to past by them to then pull out of their driveways?

Ms. Jones has requested that the police ticket anyone for violating the noise ordinance if it ever happens again.

Ms. Jones went on to say:

And at some point, enough is enough…What a council member does on their job should not have to affect their neighbors, nor should it have to affect their family.

I will admit I do agree with Ms. Jones, any protester should not be going to the homes of anyone to protest something they have done in the official duties of their elected position or job.  I would not want someone to come to my home and neighborhood to protest.  These protesters/marchers should respect other people’s homes and families.

The problem is many of these same politicians would not have a problem if these same people or any people protests in someone else’s neighborhood or part of the city.  In fact, these same groups that are protesting in her neighborhood have been protesting in Detroit for weeks, at least they are doing so somewhat respectful and not rioting, looting, and burning things down.

We have seen protest, after protest, after protest, after protest (have I said it enough?) recently where the protesters/marchers not only protest/march but steal, destroy, burn, and you name it to other people’s property and homes.

Would Ms. Jones and anyone else who has a problem be just upset and call for the police to come down on any protester/marchers who block traffic in the streets or the local businesses and residents?

What about anyone who rioted, looted, burned down property, beat up people in the streets of their city, or would they just let it play out as we are seeing across the nation these days.  The attitude of the city and police officials who allow that to happen is; let the children have their temper tantrum and then we will talk with them.

Hopefully, we will not have to see how Ms. Jones and the other city council members would react if rioting, looting, burning property, and beating people up comes to Detroit or any other city in Michigan.

By the way for all you nitpickers, they did not drive through the neighborhood with Happy Birthday signs it was the only caravan of cars in a neighborhood picture I had the legal rights to use.  Hopefully, that stops a lot of nasty emails and comments that usually come my way.


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