I love pizza, in fact it may be my favorite food.  Now we find out that our fellow Michiganders in Detroit also loves their pizza, in fact they really love their pizza.

A personal finance company called SmartAssets conducted a study and determined that Detroit is the best place in the nation for us pizza lovers in 2017.

SmartAsset’s Derek Miller stated the following:

The Motor City, like Chicago and New York, is famous for having its own pizza style, Detroit-style pizza is typically square, deep dish and has an extra crispy crust. In this sense, it can be seen as a cross between the New York, Chicago and Sicilian pizza traditions

Does anyone really not like pizza?

Detroit finished ahead of Buffalo, New York, Vancouver and Pittsburgh. Peoria, Ariz., Providence, Mesa, Ariz., Toledo and Columbus round out the Top 10.   For your information the city of Detroit did not even make the Top 10 in 2016.

What city did you not find in the top 10, surprisingly Chicago.  SmartAsset states that Chicago did not make the Top 10.  In fact Chicago ranked 43rd overall, mostly because of harsh rankings applied by Yelp users in the city.

The SmartAsset study analyzed data on:

  • The total number of pizza places
  • average quality of pizza places
  • the percent of pizza places which are highly rated, according to Yelp
  • the number of pizza places per 10,000 residents
  • and the local cost of living

According to the study, Detroit has about 1,050 pizza joints, which is about 15.5 pizza places for every 10,000 residents.  The average Yelp rating for pizza places in Detroit was 3.42, according to their study, with about 11%of pizza places scoring an average rating above 4.4.

It appears if you are looking for a greater chance of eating a great pizza, you should be Detroit bound.   That is a great reason in my book to make a trip to Detroit, see you there.

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