The home of the Lions and the Tigers, Detroit is apparently the worst city in the country for cats and their owners. Those big cat franchises usually bring themselves and their fans nothing but misery anyway, so maybe it checks out.

Lawnstarter compiled a list of the 200 biggest cities in the country and ranked them from feline friends to feline foes and Detroit landed (not on its feet) at the bottom, ranked 200.

At the very least, Detroit has some consistency as the Motor City was named the worst city for cats in 2022 as well. There were some improvements, but not enough to climb up the rankings.


The study's metrics are fairly straightforward. Cat access, particularly animal shelters per 100,000 residents, is the most weighted factor. Cat care access, the largest metric, things like sitter options, veterinarians, pet stores, weigh a bit more. Then it's the housing and accommodations, are rental properties cat friendly and how big are the homes in the area are the important questions here. Finally, affordability for sitters and insurance are weighed the least.

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Detroit bombed all of these metrics, coming in with an overall score of 17.2. Miramar, Florida (ironically the best state for cats according to the study) edged out Detroit with a score of 18.1.

Detroit, out of 200 cities, ranked 183 in access, 196 in care, 154 in housing and 190 in affordability.


The only other Michigan cities on the list were Warren, which landed at 195 on the list, and Grand Rapids, which had a respectable 92 ranking.

Hopefully, if an extra mean black cat crosses your path in the streets of Detroit this fall it isn't twice the bad luck. Or maybe if the Lions and Tigers starting playing better the city will become more of a friendly home for cats.

Either way, Detroit, do better for the cats, guys. They're good friends to have around.

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