Detroit-based watchmakers Shinola Detroit have been manufacturing high-quality timepieces in Michigan since 2013. Named after the now-defunct famous shoe polish company, investor Tom Kartsotis has given the brand new life as Shinola now operates a dozen stores across the globe, in addition to Detroit's flagship location.

As a nod to the company's Michigan roots, Shinola has released a precision crafted timepiece inspired by the most legendary boat racing competition in the state: The Bayview Mackinac Boat Race.

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Now, I am neither a watch aficionado nor an expert in sailing-- all I know is that this watch is absolutely stunning. With a price tag of $3,500 the Shinola Mackinac better do more than just tell time! The Shinola website says this "automatic chronograph with yacht-timer functionality" is a first for the watchmaking company and is specifically designed for sailboat racing.

About the Race

Detroit's Bayview Yacht Club has held the annual sailing competition since 1925. It has been called one of the longest fresh-water races in the world and draws hundreds of sailors from around the globe to compete in a race from lower Lake Huron to Round Island Channel off Mackinac Island.

The winner of the 2022 race was Scott Sellers and his 14 year-old daughter Merritt, who drove their boat alone at night to secure their win after 33 hours of sailing.

Shinola says they were inspired to create their Mackinac watch thanks to the sailing history on Michigan's Great Lakes and adds,

At the beginning of a regatta, flags and horns count down five, four, one, and zero minutes to start. This is where a yacht timer gives skipper and crew the edge of accuracy, crossing the starting line at, but never before, their synchronized yacht timer...It’s a precision instrument designed to be passed on for generations—just like the tradition that inspires it.

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