Everyone knows those cameras that sit on top of traffic lights and often wonder what they're actually used for. Are they taking your picture or scanning your license plate? Do they take a photo of your license plate if you run a red light? That's a worry I'm sure we've all had when we just miss or make that light. There are lots of them all over Kalamazoo, which had me wondering what their purpose was. I found out, and the next time you go through a light just as it’s turning red, you can relax knowing they aren’t taking your picture.

There are 3 different kinds of cameras in use on street corners, 2 of which people find to be extremely controversial. Luckily for us, the cameras in use over here are simply traffic cameras. I'll explain the difference:

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Red Light Cameras

These cameras come in the shape of a large camera box with two external flashes, and are usually mounted separately on poles and are designed to detect when drivers enter an intersection on a red light. There's a map of where those cameras are, the closest being in Benton Harbor.

Speed Cameras

These also get on people's nerves as they're posted to automatically take pictures of your license plate if you're speeding, then you'll receive a ticket via mail. These are often placed in different areas, the map may not be an accurate source of their locations.

Traffic Lights

These are the small, cylindrical/dome shaped cameras that you see regularly and throughout the state. These sensor cameras are used mainly to measure traffic flow and determine traffic light timing on intersections, and to trigger changes.

So...Are There Any Red Light Cameras In Kalamazoo? No. Still... that being said, don't drive like a lunatic please.

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