Dog lovers know this:  The exceptional ones almost have a sixth sense.  They know things we don’t expect them to know.

I have a dog that just hates it when I swear.  I’ll utter an expletive at the TV during the news, (which happens a lot these days) and she comes out of nowhere and gives me …heck.   Even when I calmly and quietly let a four letter word slip, she’s there like some re-incarnation of the “church lady.”   With her guidance, I’m trying to do better.

Maybe you've had a dog that seems to know when you're sad or stressed and pulls out all the stops to help.  Do dogs know when someone dies?  Do they mourn?  I think some do.

If you visit East Cooper Cemetery, north of Parchment on Riverview Drive, you’ll see the usual mix of headstones.   Once in a while, something catches your eye that’s different.   In section 78 and 79, is a statue of a hound dog keeping a watchful vigil over the Albertson family plot.  Cemetery workers at East Cooper handed down a story over the years.

The Albertson farm was located less than a mile south of the cemetery.  They were among the early settlers of Cooper Township.   The story goes that the master died and was buried there back in the late 1800’s.   His beloved dog came to the grave site from the nearby farm, and stayed all day, leaving only to get food and water.  After the dog passed away, the family was said to have placed a statue of the faithful hound next to his master's grave.

East Cooper Cemetary-TSM Photo (2)

Dan Albertson, 83 of Plainwell, lived at the old farm as a very young boy.   He confirms the story, handed down by family members, but doesn’t remember exactly which family member owned the dog.

Let us know if you have info about this story, or maybe know of one from another area cemetery.

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