Battle Creek city police officers encounter lots of oddball crimes on a weekly basis. This one seems to sort of fit right into the times. Officers are seeking an arrest warrant against a 47-year-old Battle Creek man. He’s accused of assaulting another man at a home along the city’s Lakefront Drive. The victim says the suspect came to his home wearing a mask over his face in an apparent attempt to stay safe from the COVID-19 virus. The victim says he made fun of the man since it turned out to be thong underwear he had secured to his face. The victim admitted to officers that he did sort poke fun at the suspect. The thong masked man got upset and left. The Battle Creek Enquirer reports the suspect later returned to the victim’s home. He’s accused of hitting the victim on the head and kicking him in the ribs and then left again. So far officers have not been able to locate the suspect. But if he continues using the thong mask, he won’t be too hard to spot.

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