Eight locations will be rebranded as "Pumpkin' Donuts" and serve free pumpkin flavored coffee on August 14, with the Fall menu debuting a week later nationwide.

It's something we look forward to every year, especially in Michigan: Fall. The Autumn colors begin to emerge as Summer slowly gives up its long days, the harvest comes in and we get ready for hayrides, bonfires, and football season . Let's not rush, it's only the middle of August but Dunkin' has launched their new Fall menu and will serve up seasonal favorites beginning August 21.

First, on the 14th, eight Duncan locations will be renamed "Pumpkin'" and pour free pumpkin flavored coffee. The addictive pumpkin spice latte is joined by a new sugar cinnamon pumpkin signature latte, and the debut of apple cinnamon donuts on August 21 at all 8,400+ Dunkin donut shops. Pumpkin donuts and muffins will be back along with the pumpkin-flavored coffee and k-pods to go. Can't wait for the taste? Watch the video below and make it for yourself at home.

h/t WWMT


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